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De facture résolument moderne, Locked Down s’inscrit dans la mouvance dance-pop mondiale, teintée de sonorités dubstep, avec un refrain irrésistible et… surprenant!

Si vous pensiez que Jacynthe, maintenant dans la trentaine, mariée et enseignante nous reviendrait avec une ballade pop adulte, vantant les vertus d’une vie rangée… Détrompez-vous!

Bien campée dans sa féminité, elle possède une envie débordante de s’amuser, de lâcher prise pour mieux retomber… les pieds sur terre. LIRE L'ARTICLE

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The Essence of Entertainment

Spanning two decades now, we've nurtured and worked with numerous young, untapped talents.

Today, we continue to gain international success with major recording artist Jacynthe, for whom has been managed under the Whammo banner for the past 18 years.

In 2010, winner of the national Can Your School Rock competition, young and exciting band Chair Warriors was promptly added.

Holy Facemelter! Whammo's roots stem from Montreal glam-rock band 'Lipstik', signed under Whitney Houston's management company Nippy in the early '90s.

Chair Warriors - Ruby Rain (Official Video)


A Montrealer with dominican roots, is a 22 year-old with a musical ear and a talent for composition that far exceeds her years. Her self-titled album was released in 2010 under Whammo Music.

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